Awesome visit!!! This was our first time visiting In Play and we loved it, our 5 yr. old didn't want to leave, he was begging to go back in even when we were in the parking lot headed back to the hotel. The midway games were awesome, that's where I was most of the time, between those and playing/climbing with my son on the playground I had a blast!!! My husband had a great time interacting with our son on the playground, we even relaxed and watched a little TV while our son played. Needless to say we had a great visit and will be back.”
"Don't know if it is okay for the Mom of owner, Sarah Brown, to send in a little note Of course, I am ever so proud of Sarah and her husband, Wayne and all the work they do, to make In Play a fun, safe, clean and happening place for kids of all ages. She has survived and thrived now into the seventh year. Against most odds. A small business, a woman running it, lots of competition, more expense, and forever issues to deal with. Just read over the testimonials submitted, good and some not so good. For sure these notes are much appreciated by owners of any business. A bit of feedback from the customer, is much appreciated . Small business, today, requires a huge effort . As well In Play is open 7 days a week and most everyday of the year. Either Sarah or Wayne are there in person. At one location or the other. If not there, readily available to answer questions or deal with problems. Hope you will continue to support, family, local business. Sarah has some terrific support staff. Knowledgeable of the business and your needs. And they seem to love working at In Play. Lastly I will say, think of In Play for team parties and happenings, as well as birthday parties and of course to just drop in for fun at any time but I was impressed recently. I had stopped in to see Sarah, a manager or owner had brought his staff in for a pizza, pinball fun afternoon and meeting. What a terrific idea and neat boss. Reading this over, it seems like a sales pitch. I know personaly how proud Sarah is to offer a great place for kids of all ages to enoy themselves. But you know Mothers and how proud we are of our kids. Of all ages."
"When I go to in play i have tuns of fun with my family. Its cool because I have my picture up on the bored there and my picture on the site try and find me I'm The Guy With the BIG cow. P.s I named Him/Her/It Mary Moo Cow. (after Aurther) Thanks For The Good Times."
"First I would like to say that everyone should be going to In Play Inc. We dont live near In Play Inc but we do live near another kids entertainment place. I wont give the name but lets say the name has "cheese" in it. Well let me tell everyone we used to go there alot but the customer service started to get bad especially when they wouldn't honor certain things they told us they would. So we dont go there anymore. But we now travel quite a distance to In Play Inc cause the staff are amazing they really do a great job at choosing who should work here. When I go in there and of course I'm not a kid but an adult they dont make me feel stupid or weird for going. They ask me quite alot if there is anything they can do and i tell them and they comply really fast. I wish all entertainment places like this were like In Play Inc. I even went to Mississauaga to that place near Square One Mall and they dont compare to In Play Inc. The staff there are rude and not so good but the staff at In Play Inc are top notch and amazing at everything they do. Thank you all and I will for sure be coming back again and again."
"We have been bringing the kids, to In Play the past three years. Always a fun evening for the kids and ourselves. Coffee is terrific, and lots of choice for everyone as to what they want for dinner. Larry can even watch the hockey game, I play pinball (several of my favourite games are here) and the kids love to do rock climbing and compete with the dance machine. Thanks Sarah and Wayne"
"Hi my name is Jimmy and I love In Play Inc. I won so many tickets when I went there that i got so many great toys to play with. I hope my family goes again so I can win more and more toys. I told all my friends about your place and they said they will come and see you guys. Bye"
"Hi, just want to let you know that my daughter had her 7th birthday party here at In Play and she absolutely loved the place! All her friends had a great time. There is so much to do there and not once did the kids get bored. The service and food were great. The birthday cake was delicous. Laila, our hostess, was the most helpful and courteous person. She was super. I would highly recommend this place for a kid's birthday party or just to hang out on a Saturday night!"
"i like lots of games like clmbing. bye, madison potts"
"When I went there, I met an employee named Jess. It was really nice to see people that could relate to the maturity of the adults as well as the fun quarkie-ness of the children! I absolutly love the staff! See You Soon!"
""Great service , loved the games and had so much fun , but sadly the hot prezzles was not to my liking . but still five star service""
"I don't know which location the rest of these people were at but I recently took my son and 2 of his friends to In Play in Barrie and was VERY dissatisfied. It looks really fun on the website but once we got to the actual location there was no climbing wall, no mini golf.....the kids were very disappointed! Ever hear of false advertising? Note from Admin - You must have been on the wrong web site. The web site for the Barrie location is www.lilkridders.ca It seems you were looking at the Newmarket web site but then went to Barrie."
"i had my 10th birthday here last year in June. we had very good time and had lots of fun!!"
"Hi Just wanted to let you know that on Friday night I brought my son and his friend to In Play. They had a great time. They especially loved Deal or no Deal. I also wanted to let you know that your staff was very helpful and polite. Sarah was very professional and patient with the boys. Food was great. Please pass this on to your staff. Great job."

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday 2pm – 8 pm

Friday and Saturday 9 am – 9 pm

Sunday 10 am – 8 pm

We have extended hours on school holidays!

Contact Info

18075 Leslie St in Newmarket
Phone: 905-953-8299
Email: info@inplayinc.ca