Real Sports Simulator

Ready for some fast action?  
Our Sports Simulator will make you sweat!

Real_Sports_Baseball_from_VSS Baseball

Pitch against computer-generated batters that reacts to your pitch. The catcher can offer advice and complain to the umpire. The umpire calls balls and strikes and will even throw you out of the game for brush-backs and bean balls.

Real_Sports_Baseball_from_VSS Basketball

Shoot baskets at simulated hoops with a variety of incredible backgrounds ranging from parks to street courts. Practice your jump shot with the clock ticking and the backboard moving.

Real_Sports_Baseball_from_VSS Hockey

Test your shots against life-size goaltenders on life-size nets in a simulated environment. Players can also test their shots on corner targets, and be tested on their speed, accuracy and reflex time

Real_Sports_Baseball_from_VSS Football

Field Goal Challenge! Players kick real footballs through the on-screen uprights in an authentic stadium background. Kicking distances increase as the player’s kicking ability is proven.

Real_Sports_Baseball_from_VSS Soccer

Dribble, shoot and score on world class goaltenders from a variety of shooting distances and angles.

*Real Sports is only available at the Newmarket location

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